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Posted on Thu 01 Oct 2020

WAPOR Annual Conference 2020

A Critical Review of the UN75 Global Surveys Presented to the 2020 UN General Assembly.

Presented at the WAPOR 2020 Annual Conference 6-10 October by Colin Irwin, Ijaz and Bilal Gilani.
Download both the Paper and PowerPoint below:

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WAPOR 2020 Irwin/Gilani Paper Final
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UN75 WAPOR 2020 Presentation

Posted on Sun 20 Sep 2020

The People's Peace Second Edition: Public Opinion, Public Diplomacy and World Peace

The People's Peace Second Edition is now available as a paperback and as a free pdf free pdf download. The new edition includes chapters on Cyprus and frozen conflicts, Syria, a World Peace Poll and World Peace and Truth Telling. 

Posted on Mon 27 Jan 2020

Delhi Conference on Kashmir

Dr Colin Irwin gave a Keynote address on the role of peace polls in the resolution of conflicts with special reference to Kashmir. The one day conference -Mantrana - was organised by the Social and Political Research Foundation, Polstrat and Team CVoter, at the International Centre, Delhi, India on the 27th of January 2020.

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Mantrana 2020 Summary

Posted on Tue 24 Sep 2019

WAPOR Asia Delhi 26-29 September 2019

Colin Irwin presents his paper 'Public Opinion and the Politics of Peace Research' at WAPOR Asia in Delhi, India. The paper and PowerPoint are copied below:

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Public Opinion and the Politics of Peace Research
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WAPOR Asia PowerPoint

Posted on Fri 22 Jun 2018

Cyprus Lessons: How to melt a frozen conflict

Colin Irwin presented his paper 'Cyprus Lessons: How to melt a frozen conflict' at the World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) Annual Conference in Marrakech June 27-30, 2018. Also for a Korea peace process update see the Korea Herald Colin Irwin and Seongwon Yoon 'A Tale of Two Peace Processes'. Download the PowerPoint and Paper here...

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Cyprus Lessons: How to melt a frozen conflict
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A Tale of Two Peace Processes
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PowerPoint for Cyprus Lessons: How to melt a frozen conflict

Posted on Thu 12 Feb 2015

Syria Pilot Peace Poll

Download the Syria Pilot Peace Poll Report here with the full questionnaire and all the results and the short TDA Report in English  or the TDA Report in Arabic. The research was undertaken between May and October 2014 across Syria following a Peace Polls Workshop in Gaziantep.

Posted on Fri 07 May 2010

Sri Lanka - 'War and Peace' and the APRC Proposals

Download the full Report 'War and Peace' and the APRC Proposals for a summary of the All Party Representative Committee's proposals for constitutional reform in Sri Lanka and a detailed analysis of the public's support for them before the end of the war in March 2009 and after the war a year later in March 2010. Read The Tamil Referendum v The APRC Proposals for a comparison with the views of the Sri Lanka diaspora around the world.

This report is also available as a download in Sinhala and Tamil translations.

Posted on Thu 23 Apr 2009

Israel and Palestine Peace Poll

Read the Report Israel and Palestine: Public Opinion, Public Diplomacy and Peace Making. In the latest peace poll from Israel and Palestine both Palestinians and Israelis reaffirm their desire for a two state solution and the need for real negotiations that will bring an end to their conflict. The Report includes both Part 1

Posted on Mon 30 Jun 2008

Peace in Kashmir: Myth and Reality

In the latest peace poll from Kashmir the people speak out against violence and look forward to a better future based on equal respect for all communities. Read the Short Report Peace in Kashmir: Myth and Reality and the  Full Report with all the statistics, analysis and questions.