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Kosovo and Serbia

October 2005, Coming to terms with the Problem of Kosovo

The Peoples' Views from Kosovo and Serbia

Summary - As all the questions on relations between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs would indicate, along with all the questions on matters of security, the ideal solution of complete safety, choice of citizenship and full equality is at best an aspiration that could be strived for. It is a dream that would take at least a lifetime to achieve if ever. But what can be achieved is real progress towards this ideal in terms of social and political reform in combination with suitable constitutional arrangements that will go as far as such arrangements can to ensure security for all. By bringing together the most workable elements of all the questions reviewed in the second half of this report this can be done and this must be the objective of the negotiations ahead. Implementation, however, will take time. Fortunately both Kosovo Albanians and Serbs welcome the involvement of the international community, particularly the EU, whose influence in the region is clearly on the rise.

Downloads: Kosovo and Serbia Poll, the Short Report and Full Report with all the statistics, analysis and questions.