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Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 2004, A People's Peace Process for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Summary - perhaps the most significant conclusion that can be drawn from this poll is that most people in Bosnia and Herzegovina share a common understanding of what the major problems are and what needs to be done to achieve a better future. There are some exceptions. Who was to blame for the war but then most people also agree that this issue needs to be put to one side so that the economy can be rebuilt, corruption brought to an end, standards of education improved and the institutions of the state made more effective. Although municipal employees are often thought of as inefficient and unresponsive to the public's needs they share these same ambitions for the future and welcome the prospect of reforms that can help them achieve these goals. Reaching a consensus on constitutional change is not going to be easy but most people want it simplified and want to join the EU along with their neighbours. With strong leadership and a sense of vision all of this has the prospect of restoring a sense of hope and this, above all else, is the people's greatest desire.

Downloads: Bosnia and Herzegovina Poll, the Short Report and Full Report with all the statistics, analysis and questions.